Good job! The new product of VStarcam’s intelligent AI camera has been launched.

Under the surging tide of the Internet of Things, the form of life is undergoing a shift from physical space to intelligent space, and “change” has become the theme of various industries. VStarcam promotes stability and innovation in the field of security, and has recently launched the “one screen to two screens” intelligent gun ball linkage dual screen cameras CS663DR and CS992DR, which can not only watch children play with pets and protect the elderly online, but also have novel and interesting functions such as “dual screen, stranger entry reminder, and automatic Vlog generation”, targeting elderly people and children who are prone to missed calls, Remote real-time dual screen viewing of the actual situation is possible. If the elderly or children do not appear in the normal position for a long time, they will also be promptly reminded to pay attention and better protect their homes.

After 12 years of dedicated research, VStarcam as a leading brand in the field of intelligent security, has a relatively complete product line layout. Starting from user needs, allowing users to enjoy the quality, convenience, and warmth bestowed by technology in their daily lives, achieving scene interaction of “interaction”, “remote control”, and “entertainment”, making home life more convenient and humane. The safety of leaving home is fully controlled, building a sense of life security defense line for people.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the intelligent gun ball linkage dual screen camera!

VStarcam gun ball linkage waterproof camera CS663DR is a dual purpose camera that supports wifi connection and dual lens collaborative operation. It does not require the installation of multiple cameras and is equipped with a universal rotating bracket, making installation simple, convenient, and fast deployment.

High gain dual antennas, longer wireless Wi-Fi transmission distance, wider signal coverage, and smoother viewing.

Outdoor broadband free WiFi can be selected in 4G version, without wiring, and can be paired with a solar charging board for more convenience.

The spherical shape is flexibly rotated up and down by 90 °, and the left and right can be adjusted remotely by 350 °. The T40 high-end “core” guard provides multi-dimensional linkage in real-time video, allowing for full color global situation and detail control. The same screen views two different angles of color HD dual images, meeting the requirements of efficient video viewing while also providing users with a new three-dimensional mode to control the overall situation of the park.

Pan tilt rotation, mobile interface dual screen dynamic video

When an intelligent linked camera detects a human figure, the phone receives real-time alarm information, remotely views the alarm source anytime and anywhere, and links with surrounding videos for precise positioning. The intelligent camera emits a white light explosion warning on site, and voice remote two-way intercom transforms passive processing into active prevention, achieving rapid response to alarms, accurate and timely allocation of resources, and also enhancing market vitality and investor confidence.

With the development of technology, in addition to providing visual security, VStarcam intelligent cameras have also brought AI services such as care, communication, and sharing to meet people’s needs in different scenarios.3MP HD full color image quality, real-time viewing, inspection, management, and control can be achieved anytime and anywhere, helping enterprises/parks reduce costs and increase efficiency in operation and management.

VStarcam intelligent AI cameras have been used in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. This new product has IP66 waterproof grade, which is free from wind and rain. It can adapt to outdoor and indoor complex environments, and is suitable for enterprises, education, medical care, airports, production and manufacturing, scenic spots, large malls/squares and other important places. An all-around one-stop solution enables Digital transformation of smart cities.

Simple connection and convenient installation

Over the years, VStarcam has continuously accumulated, broken through, and innovated in hardware and software technology, creating multiple sets of intelligent AI camera series products that cover indoor and outdoor life scenarios. From monocular to monocular, from indoor to outdoor, from property safety to the protection of family members such as the elderly, children, and pets, it is not only a small guardian of family safety, but also a recorder of a better family life. It is not difficult to see that VStarcam ‘s intelligent cameras explore more possibilities in user segmented life scenarios, and also demonstrate its strength and determination to refine the high-end market with more warm and interesting “warm technology” while deeply laying out the intelligent camera market. If you have a need to purchase a gun ball linked AI camera, feel free to contact us!

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