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Creating a Smart and Beneficial Life with “Core” Intelligence

2023 New Solutions and Technologies

The Shenzhen International Smart Home Exhibition, with the theme of “Intelligent Innovation, Changing Life”, has officially closed. We are grateful to the audience and customers for visiting, experiencing, and discussing the new products, technologies, solutions, and achievements of VStarcam in the field of intelligent security.

Remote home care experience on-site

The exhibition lasted for 3 days, and the booth of Weishi Dakang was constantly bustling with visitors. Its outstanding strength and good reputation were perfectly interpreted and presented. According to the change of users’ consumption habits and different scene security protection needs, VStarcam has carried out differentiated research and development on a variety of intelligent camera products and scene application solutions. Through intelligent modules embedded with cutting-edge technologies such as remote intelligent control, two-way real-time voice, zoom high-definition, full-color night vision, cloud storage, human shape detection and real-time alarm, it has realized various important places indoors and outdoors, such as surrounding houses, farms Breakthroughs in space security, intelligent accompanying, intelligent detection, remote control, and other functions such as construction sites.

Intelligent anti-theft and convenient intelligent manufacturing

In the current era of a red ocean in the smart home industry, VStarcam cleverly integrates AI technology and scenarios, breaking the boundary between technology and life. In response to the demand of the consumer market, we have launched a new dual vision series of products and application solutions, fireworks alarm application solutions, and low-power video solutions, allowing AI technology to serve life silently, making people’s living spaces more diverse, intelligent, high-quality, and efficient, providing new thinking for the development of the industry.

VStarcam not only brings immersive remote home care to the audience, but also highlights the exhibition value of VStarcam’s deep cultivation in the security field. From “nothing” to “existence”, from “existence” to “ease of use”, lead intelligent security interconnection with warm actions, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

The innovation and development of the consumer electronics industry are still ongoing. Believe in the future, VStarcam will usher in more advanced innovative technologies, security application solutions, and AI technology products, let’s look forward to the future of smart life together!