Successfully concluded | VStarcam Looking forward to seeing you again next time~

From June 15th to June 17th, the 2023 Guangzhou International Emergency Safety Expo successfully concluded at the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. During the exhibition, VStarcam showcased multiple products at booth 9.1C18-19 in the B area of the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou, attracting the attention of many industry insiders. The exhibition site was even more lively, with an endless stream of companies visiting and negotiating cooperation.

Next, let’s review the exciting moments of VStarcam booth together!

Early detection/alarm of open flames and smoke

Intelligent detection and alarm, security protection

During the exhibition, the AF663DR/FG663DR series of VStarcam intelligent fireworks alarm cameras were highly favored by customers. A series of application solutions, including low-power cameras, zoom high-definition ball machines, NVR series, dual lens gun ball linkage all-in-one machines, and smoke alarm cameras, have brought a brand new comfortable experience to everyone.

Among them, the VStarcam dual lens pyrotechnic alarm camera uses AI algorithm and pyrotechnic detection dual alarms, which can quickly identify open flames and smoke and provide real-time dual alarms, greatly improving the efficiency of camera use.

The appearance of multiple intelligent security products has attracted many merchants to come for consultation.

4G low-power wireless camera for security protection

At this exhibition, VStarcam also showcased a series of 4G based ultra HD cameras and low-power battery powered camera BG67D. From wiring to wireless, from standard definition to high-definition, and from traditional to intelligent, various product forms meet the application needs of different scenarios.

Among them, the VStarcam4G high-definition surveillance cameras BG67D and BG69, as well as the high-definition pan tilt CS69Q, have been widely praised by industry customers for their ultra-HD graphics, HD performance, and ease of deployment.

As a leading audio and video technology service provider in the industry, VStarcam provides security solutions for smart cities, safe cities, smart transportation, and other fields. During the exhibition, VStarcam gained high recognition from many industry insiders due to its hardcore strength, and its brand awareness and reputation continued to improve, enhancing its influence in the industry.

The exhibition has concluded successfully, looking forward to seeing you again next time!

The successful holding of the 2023 Guangzhou International Emergency Safety Expo is not only a recognition of VStarcam’s years of deep industry cultivation and independent innovation, but also a positive promotion of VStarcam’s future development.

As a leading brand in the security industry, VStarcam will always be committed to providing more intelligent and convenient smart security application solutions for global security users.

In the future, VStarcam will continue to maintain technological innovation and product development, and continue to contribute to the global security and prevention cause.

Thank you to our customers and friends for their continuous support and love for VStarcam. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services, and create more value for our customers with more professional, advanced, intelligent, and secure security products. Thank you for your support and attention. Thank you!