The fire is merciful, detects the fire and sends out an alarm!

Causes of fire

Fires are often caused by factors such as unexposed cigarette butts, burning of garbage, and dry weather.


-VStarcam fireworks detection camera series-

In today’s rapidly developing technology era, security issues have become a growing focus of attention. To effectively ensure personal and property safety, various security measures have emerged one after another. Among them, the pyrotechnic identification camera, as an advanced security equipment, can quickly alarm in emergency situations such as fires, providing valuable time for emergency response. This article will take you through the charm of VStarcam pyrotechnic detection cameras.

The working principle of the fireworks alarm camera is mainly to capture the scene through high-definition cameras, combined with advanced image processing technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, without relying on other sensing devices, to achieve timely and accurate identification of flames in the monitoring area 24 hours a day. At the same time, the alarm information and video are stored in the database and pushed to users or relevant management personnel.

Once VStarcam AF663DR/FG663DR detects smoke or open flames, it will immediately issue an alarm so that users can take corresponding measures in a timely manner. The pyrotechnic recognition camera also features real-time alarm push, remote viewing, bidirectional voice intercom, and personalized voice broadcasting. Users can quickly locate the ignition point in a very short time, timely grasp the on-site situation, and make correct arrangements, which has bought a lot of valuable time for firefighting and disaster relief.

The pyrotechnic identification camera has all the functions of the security camera product. Human shape detection, human shape tracking, area detection, movement detection, etc., achieve synchronous monitoring of safety protection in the venue while monitoring fireworks. Protecting people’s lives and property safety.

The smoke and fire detection and warning scheme integrates technologies such as video image analysis, video transmission, intelligent warning, message notification, voice broadcasting, and fire linkage. The smoke and fire recognition camera deployed indoors and outdoors can be used for 7 days × 24-hour real-time video monitoring and recognition analysis.

Applicable scenarios for smoke and fire detection

In real life, VStarcam pyrotechnic detection cameras have a wide range of application scenarios. Whether in industrial production, commercial buildings, residential homes, or public places, installing smoke and fire detection cameras can effectively monitor emergencies such as fires and quickly trigger alarm notifications to reduce losses. In addition, the pyrotechnic identification camera can also be linked with third-party IoT firefighting equipment, firefighting systems, alarm systems, emergency systems, and other safety and firefighting equipment and platforms, forming a comprehensive security and prevention system.

Optional 4G model

The VStarcam pyrotechnic detection camera is very convenient to install and easy to operate. One camera has two high-definition lenses, allowing for remote dual view on the same screen. One camera supports two cameras, saving costs and ensuring long-term monitoring during installation. Generally speaking, the installation height and angle of the device need to be adjusted according to the actual usage environment to ensure that the camera can capture sufficient field of view. After installation, users can perform real-time monitoring and alarm settings through the “O-KAM” app or computer client.

Family fire safety knowledge points

Electrical appliances on fire

Cut off the power supply, use carbon dioxide, dry powder fire extinguishers or dry sand to extinguish the fire, and maintain a distance of more than 2 meters from electrical equipment and wires.

Oil pot on fire

If you forget to close the valve after using gas or liquefied gas at home, it can lead to gas leakage. Once you encounter an open flame or static electricity, it can cause an explosion. Therefore, after finishing the meal, close the gas valve promptly.

Smoke and fire detection cameras prevent fires and cherish life

In short, as an advanced intelligent security device, the pyrotechnic recognition camera has broad application prospects and important safety value. By using pyrotechnic identification cameras, we can better ensure personal and property safety and prevent the occurrence of emergencies such as fires. Add a sense of security to your life and work environment.

Fire prevention measures

Once a fire breaks out at home, don’t panic. If the fire is small, quickly use backup simple fire extinguishing equipment to extinguish the fire.

Escape matters

If possible, evacuate on your own and notify others to evacuate. Press the alarm bell to alarm.