Take off! VStarcam Shines Malaysia Smart City Security Exhibition

A successful conclusion

Malaysia Smart City Security Exhibition

Double eye and double picture, fireworks alarm, black light full color

The 2023 Malaysia Smart City Security Exhibition concluded on September 21 and Shenzhen VStarcam Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate. The three-day exhibition attracted numerous visitors from all over the country, including government officials, industry experts, and business representatives.

In this exhibition, VStarcam showcases the company’s latest technologies and products in the field of smart city security, including cutting-edge technology applications such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, as well as solutions for intelligent monitoring, human form detection, fireworks recognition, black light full color, and low-power pure wireless protection. Through on-site demonstrations and promotional materials, visitors gained a deeper understanding of VStarcam’s advantages and strengths in the field of smart city security.

4G binocular low-power gun ball machine BG66DR

Dual lens, dual PIR detection, more precise protection

In this three-day exhibition, VStarcam not only showcased cutting-edge technologies and products in the security field, but also had in-depth exchanges and interactions with visitors from around the world. The new products during the exhibition period have attracted much attention: low-power dual lens waterproof camera BG66DR, fireworks detection alarm camera FG663DR, low-power portable camera CB75, and black light full color camera CS58Q-UV. These new products have attracted widespread attention and received unanimous praise from visitors and industry experts.

In addition, VStarcam also signed cooperation agreements with multiple local enterprises and institutions during this exhibition, and had in-depth exchanges with local governments and industry organizations to understand the latest trends and development needs of smart city construction in Malaysia. This further expanded the company’s business scope in the Malaysian market and enhanced brand influence.

Smoke and fire detection alarm

Identification of Fire Point and Flame Color

Gun ball linkage, dual lens dual screen

Remote viewing of two different areas simultaneously

WiFi and 4G options are optional, making networking convenient and stable

Guarding warehouses, residential areas, fireworks factories, gas stations

VStarcam booth on-site

The enthusiasm for audience interaction is high: The VStarcam booth has attracted numerous visitors to interact and participate. Company representatives have had in-depth exchanges and discussions with the audience on the latest technologies and development trends in the field of smart city security, while also providing detailed answers and solutions for the audience.

Extensive media coverage: In this exhibition, VStarcam received widespread attention and coverage from multiple media outlets. The company’s technological innovation, product highlights, and application prospects in the field of smart city security were reported by various media outlets, enhancing the company’s visibility and influence.

Black light full color camera series

Looking back at the exciting moments of VStarcam at the 2023 Malaysia Smart City Security Exhibition, we are filled with excitement and pride. This exhibition not only showcases the company’s outstanding strength and innovative capabilities in the field of smart city security, but also further consolidates VStarcam’s competitive position in the global market. In the future, VStarcam will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product development in the field of smart city security, providing users worldwide with more intelligent, efficient, and secure smart city security solutions. Let’s work together to create a better future!