Unlocking technological wonders, VStarcam showcases its latest creations at the 2024 US CES exhibition!

Empowering Enterprise Development with Technology

From January 9th to January 12th, 2024, VStarcam cordially invites you to visit the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Exhibition in the United States. VStarcam booth number: Venice World Expo A-D Hall 53265, to experience a series of amazing technological new products on site: black light full-color cameras, open flame recognition cameras, optical zoom cameras, 4G solar cameras, and binocular gun ball cameras, which will cover various fields, And showcase and sell globally.

Seeking Innovation in Inheritance

The VStarcam R&D team has been committed to creating innovative technological products, with a focus on researching how to apply advanced technology to daily life. Global high-definition live cameras support WiFi or 4G networking, and 4G solar cameras do not require wiring. They are truly pure wireless surveillance cameras that not only meet the ever-changing market demands, but also improve people’s quality of life and work efficiency.

The open flame recognition camera and binocular fireball camera bring stunning technological wonders to the audience. They can remotely take care of homes and important places through mobile phones, identify flames in advance, and have dual camera cameras guarding two different areas. One device has two lenses, providing 360 ° care of homes, saving deployment time and costs. The new experience and perspective provide better fire and theft prevention, improving convenience and comfort in daily life.

The VStarcam exhibition will be an unmissable technology feast, where viewers can experience the advantages, latest developments, and applications of these new products on site, as well as how they will change our way of life. Whether you are a technology enthusiast, business person, or consumer, you will benefit greatly from this exhibition.

Wishing everyone a pleasant visit to the exhibition!