Face Recognition technology makes life more secure and smart

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) covers all aspects of daily life, and its application is applied more and more wider, such as smart text retrieval, road license plate recognition and comparison, face unlocking feature in smartphone, Alipay face payment,  as well as network authentication system and so on.

It can be seen that face recognition technology is one of the most widely used technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. Face Recognition technology has become very popular in the security field because of the high intelligence, high security and concealment of face recognition technology.That makes more and more companies are scrambling to introduce the technology into their products in order to improve product competitiveness and increase market share. Who seize the opportunity timely, who will win the market.

As a leading R&D manufacturer in the domestic civil security monitoring industry , and a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to video security technology, intelligent IoT technology and cloud platform services , VStarcam always adheres to introduces new technologies and perfects Self-products and continuously optimized user experience.

Face Recognition

In the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Exhibition in April,VStarcam launched a face recognition camera which records by IPC but recognites via NVR.

The working principle of face recognition camera is that records via camera connected to the NVR smart host, and the video will be uploaded to the NVR for storage and management, managed by the AI smart application page in the NVR. The management interface is divided into three. That is, face database management, face control and alarm, passenger flow analysis; The face information captured via IPC can record to the whitelist, blacklist or stranger list, and the alarm object can be set in the face control and alarm setting.

Face Recognition

For example, if the blacklist is set as the alarm object, the face information captured by the camera will be transmitted to NVR.NVR will compare the face image with the face information in blacklist , if the captured face information match the object in blacklist, the alarm will be trigger. This is a function that cannot be realized by the early face retrieval system. Face retrieval requires manual intervention, the workload is large.

Face recognition is a main feature of the NVR, It also supports area and border control alarm. Once a person is detected to enter a pre-positioned location, the device will issue an alarm.

Recently, VStarcam introduced 2.0 MegaPixel face recognition IPC module from Company Megvii Face++ , which is a trend that follows the market and is a big move .

The face recognition IPC module uses a deep learning algorithm to implement the intelligent alert function . The main advantage of the deep learning method is that they can be trained with very large data sets to learn the best features for characterizing these data. Greatly reduce false alarm rate so that alarm is timely. The face information storage photographed via the front end is up to 3 million, support comparison of face recognition,also support living body detection, face detection and motion-tracking, even with hats, masks or the other blocked Identification.No need NVR for management and identification that makes IPC use easier and simpler.

Face Recognition

The most intuitive application of IPC with face recognition technology is the capture of fugitives. If someone committing crimes in the building / public place, the police can upload the photos of suspicious ID card to the monitoring system so that the face information in ID card can be compared one by one via face database of the criminal to confirm whether the person is a perpetrator,then take action to arrest the criminal accordingly.

In short, face recognition technology is mainly divided into three types in the application of arresting fugitive offenders:

  • To realize real-time warning and monitoring of suspects;
  • To realize the identity verification of suspects during the whole illegal activity;
  • Compare ID card in hand and the real ID to make sure both information if are same.

The latest camera with face recognition features will be launched in the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Exhibition in October this year.In addition, the IPC of the front-end shooting back-end recognition will still appear in the Autumn Exhibition in HK, and you can experience and compare the above two face recognition cameras.

In the future, VStarcam will continue to introduce more advanced technologies and provide better services, bringing greater products and more convenience to each user, ensuring that every product on the production line is required not only for user but also for the market.