Nowadays,Cloud computing, Big data, Artificial Intelligence and 5G technology continue to heat up, becoming a powerful means for companies to compete for market vane.

With the development of 5G technology, Cloud computing seems to be “backward”. In fact, this is not the case. The data in the information age is intricate and huge, and traditional hard disk storage and processing alone is extremely cumbersome and time consuming,Laborious,but, if you upload large data to a centralized virtual server, data processing and maintenance through code programming, saving time and effort, safe and efficient, that is so-called Cloud storage, it is an important branch of Cloud computing,that shows Cloud computing will still occupy an important position in the market in the future.

cloud ip camera

The application of Cloud storage is very widely, in addition to occupying an important place in the financial market with huge data and high security requirements, playing also a pivotal role in the security field.

As emerging technologies are continued to integrate into surveillance cameras, such as face recognition, license plate recognition, and intelligent tracking technologies and so on, storage space and data processing will become more and more demand. Traditional storage is clearly unable to meet the current demand for high-definition video storage.

The advantages of Cloud storage are mainly reflected in higher cost performance, greater scalability and flexibility, more efficient storage, and more secure data protection.

  1. Higher cost performance

Cloud storage can store a large amount of information with a small amount of investment, which is much less expensive than buying a storage medium.

  1. Greater scalability and flexibility

According to the current technical defense regulations and standards, the general surveillance system requires 7×24 hours to collect data continuously, and the data retention time should not less than 30 days. If case clues or other special purposes are involved, the data retention time will be much longer. Cloud storage is maintained by dedicated personnel.Besides, the system can be set up for regular online expansion and upgrade, which is sufficient for large-capacity video storage needs.

  1. More efficient storage

Mobile ends and PC-side data are updated synchronously, the synchronization speed is fast. In addition, it provides convenience of hardware sharing and technical skilled. Users can freely share and access data at any time, anywhere, on any device or browser so that reduce the use of resources.

  1. More secure data protection

Backup and recall are the basic functions of Cloud storage. The hot standby machine can take over the service immediately when the online storage system fails. When the fault recovers, the service and data are moved back. If the faulty data needs to be called, the faulty machine’s disk can be inserted into the cold,all data is immediately available. Even if the camera is damaged or stolen, the data on the Cloud is still intact, which is quite beneficial for investigating cases.

The camera with Cloud storage function can not only realize online video recording & playback, alert message push, but also perform firmware upgrade online,long storage time of history video  and can be flexibly shared,all data in Cloud can be saved completely,do not worry about camera broken or lost.

In fact, Cloud storage is a kind of online service, such as network hard disk, online storage, online backup, or online archiving, etc., which is very convenient and flexible.Users obtain relevant services by paying a certain fee to the Cloud storage provider. The way to obtain storage/service rights is divided into three types: time of use, space required or combination of the first two. They can choose to pay for the relevant services according to their own needs. For example, if the user needs 500T of storage space, he/she only needs to rent 500T space and pay the relative fees.

Intelligent and convenient lifestyle and high-demand privacy protection have become an important indicator of people’s quality of life. That promote users to pay more and more attention to the choice of data storage methods. According to relevant statistics, most users prefer to choose a smart product that with Cloud services.

At the same time, the application of Cloud storage technology has promoted the proximity of original DVR / NVR to the front end, the centralized storage mode of the distributed storage mode to the video data center, such a large amount of video data for centralized storage, enabling security industry pay more and more attention to Cloud storage, Cloud computing and Big data technology.

In summary, Cloud Storage will be the first choice for choosing security products or already became.

VStarcam has been focusing on product development and technology conversion since found R&D center. 99% products support Cloud storage. In August, VStarcam optimized and upgraded Cloud Services on Eye4 APP, changed interface layout, added dual-authentication mechanisms to enhance privacy protection, and set up a series of improvements such as holiday Cloud Service promotions and so on. As the technology continues to be mature, Cloud Service experience will be further upgraded.

By the way, in the upcoming IFA2019, VStarcam will launch a Cloud IP camera model C22S. The camera does not need a network cable layout, no need to equip with TF card, one-key WI-FI connection and finish video recording and storage.