CPSE Exhibition VStarcam | Role changed and lead intelligent security

On October 28, 2019, the 17th China International Public Safety Products Expo (“CPSE”) was grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that there are more than 1,500 security companies from 150 countries and regions, and the number of visitors to the site is up to 65,000. It is the largest, most authoritative and most influential security exhibition in the world.

In all exhibitions, high-tech products have always been the trump card for all major manufacturers. As mentioned before,VStarcam will take its latest products at the exhibition, such as: pet interaction, baby care, face recognition, human detection, mini cameras etc.

However, a powerful surveillance camera should work with the other products,then can play great role.2019 for VStarcam is the first year of development and upgrading. It has been upgraded from the original “extremely single product” to “product matrix”. The comprehensive products form a total solution and enter different market segments.

Role Changed 1 : Sustainable Solar Power

As the country with the highest population density in the world, China has been committed to the development of renewable energy and promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing. As an early state-level high-tech enterprise, VStarcam actively responds to the call of the country, and has launched 4G Solar camera,it power supply via solar power,connect the internet via SIM cards.

The camera support a multiple 4G service in foreign operators, easy to get power via solar panel, it solves social problems such as wiring difficulties in remote areas, network backwardness, and staffing difficulties to a certain extent,very suitable for wide outdoor ,such as border Defense, forest, farm, orchard etc.

4G solar cameras, on the one hand, play the role of traditional camera monitoring tasks, solve problems for the society, on the other hand, drive the development of the solar panel industry and bring new breakthroughs for operators’ business expansion, and vice versa.

Role Changed 2 : Smart-home

VStarcam focus on smart-home for many years,from smart items: socket/doorbell/smoke/table lamp to intelligent whole house system.That reflects the determination of VStarcam to enter smart-home. House-type smart host, built-in very popular voice recognition module,wake up the smart items connected with it through the specific voice command,whether home items or security items.

With the improvement of people’s living standards,the whole-house intelligence is no longer out of reach. The convenience brought by the whole house intelligence is incalculable. Imagine that in winter, you don’t have to get out of bed, and don’t need to power on the phone, just single voice out,you can easily do what you want, and see what you see,that is such a blessing of happiness.

Finally,let us look forward to ICEE show in Indonesia on 17-19th,December,2019.Hope meet you in the beautiful Indonesia this December.