VStarcam Exhibition | Meet NEW VStarcam in Global Sources Smart Living

Global Sources Smart Living Exhibition in Autumn is hold on 11th, HK. Now let’s take a look at the highlights of the fair.

Although Hong Kong is shrouded in a special atmosphere because of protesters activities,it does not decrease the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors. The booth of VStarcam still attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world.

Different from the previous exhibitions, VStarcam mainly focus on scene application at this show, which is a major change for VStarcam, and that means VStarcam will pay more attention to the development and application of the IoT scene. When developing and launching new products, in addition to considering the function and performance of the products, paying more attention to the product whether can provide immersive user experience, whether it can achieve the joint effect of the other devices, whether it can bring a smarter and more convenient lifestyle for people.

Recent years, VStarcam camera mode has gradually changed from the traditional monitoring application to the fun and practical, and continues to launch a series of special products, such as pet camera, 4G solar camera, cloud camera, AI camera and so on. While taking into account the traditional market, open up new areas, creating brand temperature, shaping differentiated brand image, catering to current market demand, moving on with diversification and rejuvenation, therefore, creating a scene application solution has become a new starting point for VStarcam.

VStarcam started with intelligent security. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the market, its business has gradually extended and penetrated into the smart home industry. Therefore, it has also launched a series of smart home products for overseas and whole house sound control equipment currently targeting the domestic market. .

The smart home products launched in this exhibition are represented by smart photo smoke detectors. Compared with traditional smoke detectors, this smoke sensor injects video technology.When the smoke is detected and reaches a certain threshold, the camera will automatically start the snapshot mode, and the scene will be uploaded to the mobile terminal. At the same time, the alarm sound will be triggered.It is really easy to obtain without any other people notice the abnormality. First-hand information, timely handling of abnormal conditions, reducing or avoiding additional property damage.

Since VStarcam founded in 2011, the company has grown from a start-up company of more than 10 people to a state-level high-tech enterprise with three or four hundred employees. The products and services are becoming more and more perfect.The transformation of the theme of the exhibition is a big step forward for VStarcam, which is of great significance.

The exhibition will last until the 14th of this month. Today is the last day. Welcome to the 2M18 booth of No. 2 booth.