On January 7, US time, the four-day CES2020 International Consumer Electronics Show kicked off at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. VStarcam released several new products at booth No.4135520′.

Model CS16S introduces Hisilicon chip which created  specially for HD IP cameras. The chip integrates with a new generation of ISP, adopts advanced low-power technology and low-power architecture design, and supports humanoid detection / retrieval functions etc.

Based on humanoid detection,Model CS16S can also play the role of “supervisor”, that is, job-absence detection. When a person is absent for a certain post, and the absent time reaches a predefined length of time, such as 30 minutes, the mobile phone terminal will receive alarm pushed, which is convenient for timely filling in job vacancies, ensuring that the work continues as usual, improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.

There are two version of CS16S, the other one is model CS16S-SL which features in ultra-bright full-color night vision.

Full-color CS16S built-in SONY sensor,it can nearly restores the true world scene of zero light, providing more efficient and powerful evidence support for case investigation.

At the end of October 2019 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center antique fair, face recognition technology is still a bright spot for bloggers under the development matrix of major companies. It can be seen that the popularity of face recognition will continue to rise for a long time.

Model AF48S features in face recognition that based on deep learning algorithm,support user-defined black and white list, real-time alarm pushed.

In addition, AF48S can spontaneously collect pictures of the same face at different angles and include them in the database to improve the recognition accuracy and efficiency, but the minimum resolution should be greater than or equal to 80 * 80P, and the face angle also should meet certain conditions.

Highly personalized and allowing users to have more choices, which are the major feature for companies to perform better. In addition to the default factory settings of the AF48S alarm sound, user can customize alarm sound which they want. For example, “Monster, where to run!” Or “Come out, I have seen you” or “You are gone, I do not want to stay”, etc., as long as you think, VStarcam will try the best to make it.

Any product is from 0 to 1, and then from 1 to 100 to adapt to the rapidly changing market. There is no doubt that the C90S is also listed in the product optimization upgrade list, and the upgraded version is CB1.

Model CB1 not only inherits the functions and features of C90S,like mini body that is easy to hide, invisible night vision, dual DV / Wi-Fi mode optional etc., but also adds a PIR wake-up function. The PIR wake-up low-power designed can effectively avoid unnecessary power consumption and allow every cent of power to be consumed helpfully.CB1 will transition from the standby state to the normal working state only when CB1 detects intrude.The Standby time is up to one month.

Except for model mentioned above,face recognition video doorbell model DV1 was also launched for the first time at CES 2020. DV1 improves the identification efficiency or triggers more effective alerting by pre-establishing a face database and customizing black and white lists. When the doorbell detects and successfully recognizes a face, the face information will be transmitted to a user terminal such as phone, Ipad so as to determine the identity of the visitor as soon as possible.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics technology annual exhibition, and the world’s largest consumer technology industry event. The exhibition is highly professional and trade effect. The CES exhibitions over the years have gathered the current best traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers. They brought the most advanced technology concepts and products, and attracted many new equipment enthusiasts , User and union audience.

VStarcam will wait for your visit until the last day(Jan.10th.) of CES2020 at Sands Expo and Convention Center,Las Vegas.VStarcam booth.: 4135520.