The 5-year-old girl stared akimbo,Three consecutive questions to scare away the thief!

Five year old girl at home,

At this time, a thief came in,

This scene is terrible to think about.

But Jingjing, a 5-year-old girl from Haining, Zhejiang, is very domineering.

“Who are you? What are you doing? Why are you in my house?”

Asked akimbo three times,

The thief was scared away.

The surveillance at home records the whole process. The little girl boldly drove the thief away. Eventually, due to the suspected theft, Chen was criminally detained by Haining Police.

Although the little girl is domineering and cute, parents should pay attention.

[Police reminder]

Close doors and windows when going out, and don’t give thieves a chance to steal. In addition, don’t leave young children alone at home. Although the children are brave and resourceful, they are relatively weak in dealing with various emergencies. Try to avoid accidents. Especially in this case, children are actually very dangerous, families with children must pay attention.


In fact, regardless of whether there are children in the family or not, it is best to install a monitoring system if the conditions are good. Monitoring is not only for anti-theft, but also to protect yourself and your family and prevent danger~

AI intelligent network camera

VStarcam AF81

AI intelligent monitoring

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AI intelligent network camera

When the VStarcam home AI security camera detects a face, it will send you an alert message in real time, let you know the situation at home at the first time, and also support two-way voice. In case of danger, you can use Eye4 to remotely voice even when you are not at home. Deterrence to scare away thieves and better protect family safety~

AI intelligent network camera

AF81 can support multiple terminal devices at the same time, such as Android, PC, IPAD, IPhone, etc. for remote monitoring, parents can view the child’s family status in real time through the APP, effectively preventing danger~

AI intelligent network camera

More importantly, it has a cloud storage function. Even if the camera and memory card are destroyed, you can still view and playback the video from the cloud at any time~ when a danger occurs, you can more easily playback the situation at the time from the video, providing you with a convincing evidence.



VStarcam AF81

AI intelligent network camera

Comprehensive care of family safety

Pay attention to the state of your home in real time

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