When VStarcam meets AI, what kind of spark will it hit?

As the security industry enters the stage of big data analysis with video as the core, the homogenization phenomenon among manufacturers’ products has become increasingly prominent, and intelligence has become a new commanding height in the security industry.

Previously, professionals were required to stare at surveillance screens 24 hours a day, but now most surveillance is automated. When suspicious behavior is found, the security personnel will be notified, greatly reducing the workload.

AI smart camera

In the past, finding a lost child through video surveillance was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack, but now through face recognition technology, it can more effectively assist in the detection of criminal cases and the recovery of missing children, greatly improving the efficiency .

Therefore, the security products of artificial intelligence are more user-friendly. It can not only bring a sense of security to our lives, but also bring many conveniences to our work.

AI smart camera

VStarcam has launched the new AF81 AI smart camera. 1080p Full HD ,supports AI and infrared night vision. You can use your mobile device to view the real-time situation of the house anytime, anywhere. You can also use two-way audio to chat with your family through the Eye4 application.

AI smart camera

It can also perform face recognition, quickly retrieve faces from cloud storage video recordings, and query the specified faces for recording records corresponding to the time period, saving video search time.

There is also an intelligent sound detection function, which will send you a message in time to notify you when the baby’s crying and smoke sounds are detected, bringing more safety to the family.

AI smart camera

VStarcam AF81 combines AI technology to effectively filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, pets, etc. When the humanoid tracking function is turned on, the camera detects a moving target, and automatically captures the moving track for tracking and shooting, and pushes the alarm information.

VStarcam AF81, new AI technology, makes your life and work safer and easier!