How to choose a Home Surveillance Camera

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the popularization of the Internet, people pay more and more attention to safety protection, and wireless surveillance cameras have gradually entered our lives. So, how do we choose a home surveillance camera? Let’s take a look.

  1. Choose a small size

Home surveillance cameras should be small in appearance, simple and beautiful in design, even if they are placed at home, they will not appear inappropriate due to the size of the camera.

  1. Simple installation

Since it is a home surveillance camera, it should be the same as ordinary household appliances, easy to install and fix, and the camera accessories should be complete, no need to buy some additional accessories to help fix it.

  1. Choose wireless

The home surveillance camera is preferably a wireless type and does not need to be wired everywhere. The wireless surveillance camera can be placed at will without the trouble of wiring.

  1. Cloud storage

The storage of monitoring systems often requires a lot of space. At present, there are two mainstream storage methods, one is a TF card, and the other is a network-based cloud storage mode.

Users who choose cloud storage only need to pay regularly or purchase storage space, and they can view video information from the cloud at any time, which is very simple and convenient.

  1. Whether it can cruise automatically

Most of the monitoring equipment with pan/tilt function has automatic cruise function, which can perform patrol scan according to the set route.

What is more humane is that when the camera detects a moving target, it can be tracked according to the target’s walking trajectory, which is also a manifestation of most intelligent surveillance.

Home surveillance cameras not only provide us with security inspections, real-time monitoring and other security services, but also bring a lot of convenience to our lives and improve our quality of life.