4G+full color, 4G Security camera which can be used in the field without internet

4G Security camera

Smart outdoor sentry

VStarcam CG52

Intelligent full color, sound and light alarm

Get rid of the shackles of network cables and WIFI

Support 4G high-speed network

More complete functions

4G Security camera

4G Full Netcom

No need to pull the network, no WiFi

Full speed high frequency, 4G antenna

Stable signal, faster transmission

Intelligent upgrade, full color guard

At night,

When there is a change in the monitoring area,

It will automatically switch to full color mode,

The night is still clearly visible~

Sound and light drive theft, active defense

Smart upgrade of motion detection,

When suspicious moving objects are detected,

The device will automatically capture suspicious images,

Push the alarm information to the mobile APP,

And sound a high-decibel whistle alarm and turn on the red and blue lights flashing,

Deterrence drives away thieves and prevents danger from happening.

Rainproof and dustproof

IP66 waterproof and dustproof,

Professionally respond to various outdoor weather,

Durable, 24h guarding~

4G full Netcom, outdoor universal

No WiFi required, remote monitoring

Reservoirs, suburbs, forest areas, livestock areas and other places

where network cable layout is difficult,

only a 4G camera can easily solve the problem of outdoor monitoring without network.