How to choose the smart camera?

In recent years, with the strengthening of people’s security awareness, home cameras have gradually become more popular and more intelligent.

How to choose a home camera?

In fact, the main purpose of buying a camera is to be able to check the situation at home anytime and anywhere and improve the safety of the home. Therefore, when buying a home camera, we should choose from three aspects: video quality, alarm function, and auxiliary functions.

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Video quality: pixels, image quality, night vision effect, viewing angle

  1. Pixels, image quality

As a camera, the most basic requirement is whether its pixel size and picture quality are clear. If the picture is blurred, then other functions are not qualified. Now on the market, the quality of most home cameras is at the level of 1080p. Most of the pixels are above 200W. Some 300W and 400W are available. If you just want to watch the house, 200W pixels are enough. Of course, if If you want to record your life, especially if you want to save and record the growth of children, daily videos of cute pets, you can choose a higher definition.

  1. Night vision function

Most of the home cameras support infrared night vision function, and the picture can be seen clearly in low light, so that it can be monitored for 24 hours.

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  1. Wide-angle head

If a camera has a wide-angle and pan-tilt, it means that the wider the surveillance range, the more security will be guaranteed.

Alarm function: humanoid detection, crying detection

  1. Human detection

Some people may ask, is the human detection function of the motion detection function of the camera different? In fact, it is different. Humanoid detection is combined with AI technology to filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, shaking, pets, etc., when humanoids move in the monitoring area, real-time alarm messages are pushed to the mobile phone to reduce false alarms , Improve the accuracy of the alarm.

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  1. Cry detection

Cry detection is especially suitable for families with small babies. When the camera detects the baby’s crying, it will push the information to the mobile phone, so that parents can grasp the baby’s emotional changes in time.

Accessibility: two-way voice, cloud storage

  1. Two-way voice

Two-way voice can be said to be a very convenient function. Most cameras are supported. You can talk to your family at any time through your mobile phone. When a danger is found At times, you can also shout remotely to deter criminals.

  1. Cloud storage

Cameras generally have two storage methods, local SD card storage and cloud storage. Cloud storage is much safer and more convenient. Not only does it have a large storage space, but it can also store, record and play back videos quickly.

In fact, no matter how you choose a home camera, you should choose the right product based on your own needs, so that the product can be used to the best, and bring more safety and convenience to the family.