How to use home surveillance cameras?

With the improvement of the quality of life, most families want to record the beautiful daily life and take pictures of unforgettable moments in life. Therefore, home cameras have gradually become popular. Now let us briefly understand how to use home cameras:

home surveillance cameras

First, home video cameras must insist on doing a good job of cleaning and maintenance, so that the performance of the video camera and the picture texture can be maintained in a more delicate and flexible state.

Second, the equipment should avoid vibration and collision as much as possible.

home surveillance cameras

Third, the camera should be kept as clean as possible, and the corresponding moisture-proof treatment should be done to ensure better performance of the equipment.

home surveillance cameras

Fourth, since home cameras are electronic products, the internal magnetic components of the system will be damaged due to external magnetic fields such as televisions, speakers and recorders. Therefore, contact between the camera and related magnetic fields should be avoided as much as possible.