In the future, smart cameras will usher in better development opportunities

With the improvement of people’s security awareness, the demand for smart cameras continues to increase.

In 2016, my country’s civil video security surveillance accounted for only about 6%, which is relatively small in the video security field, and the coverage rate is much lower than the 55% level of the US civil security, so relatively speaking, the market space is very huge of.

smart cameras

And with the gradual deepening of AI applications and the gradual stabilization of remote video data transmission, the market development process of smart cameras has also greatly accelerated.

In recent years, smart cameras have added many other auxiliary functions in addition to the main safety nursing and video recording functions. Its diversified functions not only meet the daily needs of the family, improve the safety of the family, but also bring the family Many conveniences.

smart cameras

It is believed that in the future, with the gradual maturity of related product technologies and the continuous improvement of user needs, the smart camera market will usher in better development opportunities.