How can a woman living alone protect herself when a strange man knocks on her door late at night?

Nowadays, more and more people are staying in big cities to work, and many of them are women living alone, and every time we see those “Women living alone have their doors knocked on in the middle of the night”, “Woman finds someone under her bed in the middle of the night”, “Woman living alone is being stalked”……. The little ones are scared, and I’d really like to remind all of you ladies that when you live alone, you must be vigilant and keep yourself safe in the following areas.

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1) Do not reveal identifying information. Criminals target women who live alone, invariably because they reveal their personal information, and the criminal decides that they are alone and easy to target. Don’t use your real name for take-out deliveries, and regularly hang up a few items of male clothing at home.

2) When you are at home, don’t give any strangers a chance to come in contact with you. When the courier arrives, ask him to leave it at the door for a while before you pick it up yourself, so that no one else will be familiar with your solitary state and you can avoid a sudden intrusion.

3) Be perfect in terms of hardware. Choose a neighborhood with strong security for your rental. If it is an old neighborhood, install security windows + change the locks. If possible, you can install smart devices: cameras, electronic cat eyes, combination locks ……

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4) When you are in danger, you must be calm and can call the police depending on the situation.

In fact, the editor still recommends that women living alone can be installed at the door of a smart camera or smart doorbell, so that you can view the situation in front of the phone in real time, when the smart camera detects suspicious people, but also real-time push alarm information to the phone, so that you understand the door dynamic, effective prevention of dangerous occurrence, but also can always view the video playback at the time of the scene, to save evidence!

Finally, I hope that all girls who live alone will always be on high alert and not give the bad guys any chance to hurt them.

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