What is used to record the truth, kindness and beauty of children?

Children are the driving force of parents’ struggle. In order for their children to have a better future, parents have to go to work. However, parents are actually thinking about their children, especially babies in the early childhood stage, even if they are only looking at it from a distance, they are very satisfied, they only have to install a 360-degree surveillance camera for their children, and even want to chat with their children at all times. Here, we professionally provide you with a window of care—smart network cameras, so that company and care can be with you. The smart surveillance camera can not only see Mengbao’s various expressions and actions, but also chat with the child throughout the day, and at the same time can see every bit of the family’s daily life.

1. When children are active in the living room, their mobile phones can clearly see how novel and interesting their world is; if a danger is imminent, the smart camera will promptly tell the children how to avoid it and prevent terrible things from happening.

    2. Children occasionally love to behave. For example, when they draw, read, sing or dance, they hope their parents can see their outstanding selves and can easily share happiness and sadness with their parents by directly facing the smart surveillance camera. And can get a response from mom and dad in time.

     3. When a short circuit is caused by the aging of the wires in the home, or there is a sudden smoke fire, the smart surveillance camera can sense the smoke and alarm, and at the same time push the alarm information to the mobile phone APP to control the fire in time.

        4. Smart network cameras are also installed in many kindergarten classrooms across the country, which is a good news for parents and teachers. Teachers and principals can watch and manage videos through the client, and parents can also view their children’s every move on their mobile phones. There is hard evidence, privacy and security, encryption protection, high-definition video playback, and simultaneous viewing by multiple people and multiple platforms.

Children are growing and changing all the time, and the company and care of their parents affect them subtly. A smart network camera can help you record the truth, goodness and beauty in your child’s growth process, leaving infinitely beautiful and precious memories. The smart surveillance camera is ready to use when it is powered on. It is easy to operate and can be used by both the elderly and children. The playback is stable and smooth without stuttering, and the video and sound are double-recorded, which is very worthwhile. It is suitable for various places such as family residences, park corridors, caring parking lots, maintaining traffic order, managing the safety of shopping malls, and guarding the safety of bars.