Vstarcam invites you to join us at CCBEC 2023 China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-Commerce Exhibition!

On February 22-24, CCBEC China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-Commerce Exhibition will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall), Hall 9-12. This exhibition brings together many star-level cross-border e-commerce platforms, super industry explosive products and industry chain resources.
Under the far-reaching and complicated international situation of the new crown epidemic, China firmly supports the development of the new business model of cross-border e-commerce to help the domestic circulation and smooth international and domestic double circulation. Consumer goods market is developing rapidly, the market shows multiple structural changes, the huge consumer goods market to further force the security product segmentation, high-end civilian security products came into being.
Vstarcam rides on the wind of smart city construction and brings many security industry application solutions, security and explosion-proof products and high-quality new products to the exhibition, Vstarcam invites you to visit, experience and negotiate!

Explosion Product Bright Photo
Releasing new trends in security transformation

Explosive one Vstarcam intelligent 4G wireless alarm camera: CB54, BG69, DB6, CG65, outdoor waterproof camera can be connected to solar charging board, free of cloth network cable and power cord. According to data analysis, 4G wireless network cameras focus on the emergence of Asia, North America, Europe, South America and Central Africa; in China, Vstarcam intelligent 4G cameras focus on the Bohai Sea region, the Yangtze River Delta region, the southeast coastal economic zone, Yu Jinning region, the Yangtze River middle reaches of the city group, black and japanese Inner Mongolia region, the western delta economic circle, Guizhou Qian Yunnan region, Qinghai-Tibet region, the prospect of an azure.

2023 China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-Commerce Fair

English name: China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-Commerce Fair (CCBEC)

Exhibition time: 2023-February 22-24

Vstarcam Booth No.: 9D018

Exhibition Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall)