VStarcam | 2023 China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-Commerce Exhibition concluded successfully, and the future can be expected

From February 22 to 24, the three-day China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition in 2023 was closed after the completion of various activities.

As a security strength brand, VStarcam once again appeared at the China (Shenzhen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition and met thousands of visitors. On the afternoon of the 24th, with the end of the exhibition, VStarcam’s AI technology tour also concluded successfully. Now, let’s review the highlights of the exhibition!

Experience AI charm together

In this exhibition, VStarcam, together with the gold sales team and the elite R&D and design team, went out to build the booth with care, and delivered safety and happiness with temperature, bringing dealers a visual feast of the collision of technology and intelligent life.

With the theme of “4G camera+· safe cloud storage”, VStarcam has created a design exhibition hall, displaying the home security system solution – the life and home monitoring suite, Vstarcam smart camera CB54-TZ and DB6-TZ, including the smart camera for doors and windows, solar charging panel, and the “O-KAM” APP (mobile app store download registration login experience). Once the house is invaded illegally, the suite will send a real-time alarm to the user to ensure the safety of the family. In addition, you can easily manage all cameras through the “O-KAM” on your mobile phone

Live interaction

Looking back at the scene, in just three days, the VStarcam Pavilion has been full of people. The VStarcam people have received dealers from all over the country. It also presented to you the small guards with four categories as the core, namely, family security escort – indoor voice camera, door and window safe – 4G portable camera, wireless outdoor guard – outdoor waterproof camera. The exclusive patented 4G portable camera received high attention from dealers.

VStarcam sales elites analyze the products one by one for the on-site dealers with professional knowledge, and comprehensively display the comprehensive strength and product advantages of Vistek Dakang as a ten-year-old brand.

In the era of rapid development of cross-border e-commerce and social e-commerce, it is undoubtedly a correct choice to seize opportunities and develop forward. The temperature of technology, brand attitude, my safety, I make the decision! The charming exhibition hall and the considerate business-friendly policy have made VStarcam fruitful in China (Shenzhen) cross-border e-commerce exhibition. VStarcam sincerely thanks every new and old friend for their trust and support, and welcomes new franchisees to join us.

Perfect ending

After that, we will also forge ahead, deeply implement the five-star service system, empower stores with meticulous and thoughtful services and high-quality products, and build a safe and happy life for thousands of families and smart cities.

Although the exhibition has ended, the star light of VStarcam is shining, and more highlights will be staged… The future is long, and we look forward to meeting you again!

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