The spring breeze is full of flowers in ten miles. It is less beautiful than Qing!

Daughter: Mom, is today your grandma’s holiday?

Mom: It’s a festival for all adult women over the age of 18 in the world.

Boy: March 8 is Women’s Day. What is March 9?

Dad: It’s Ganmaoling.

Family having a picnic

Mothers are mothers, wives, employees, daughters and themselves! Every role is not easy. They always report good news and not bad news. When they meet with difficulties, they carry them on their own.

Take advantage of the festival name to send a gift to mothers, such as: VStarcam intelligent voice camera and flowers, to protect their safety, and intercom company thousands of miles away, and mothers will certainly accept our love

According to the results of the seventh national population census, China’s floating population is 375.82 million, including 124.84 million trans-provincial floating population. At the end of 2021, there will be 385 million floating population in China. From this, we can see how many people are thousands of miles away from their homes, and how many of them are worried about the safety and status of their families, so that we can let
VStarcam smart cameras protect and accompany our thousands of families.

See family members in a beautiful mood from afar

The mobile phone opens the ” O-KAM ” APP downloaded in advance in the app store, looks at the message reminder, looks for the figure of the family, such as: mother, elderly parents, children, and looks at the multi-screen live pictures in front of and behind the house, not only beautiful scenery, but also from the heart! You can see the happiness index exploding!

O-KAM sees real-time pictures of four cameras at the same time

With sincere patience and love, the super beautiful little guards can make the delicate goddesses feel more secure and assured. They can easily integrate into various home decoration styles. Let’s see its soulful and heroic appearance!

Special recommendation for Goddess’s Day gift:

The intelligent camera CB75 is small and portable, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which saves the burden of wiring the power cord!

Plug in the 4G card to view the real scene remotely, saving the trouble of arranging 10 meters or even 20 meters of network cable!

Turn on cloud storage, play back video flexibly at any time according to date, time and picture, convenient and quick to find the wonderful time of family.

With the “camera” as the medium, the story of the Goddess’s struggle, pursuit of dreams and exploration of the future will be told from a special perspective, and every woman who loves life and lives bravely will be honored. Only with love, can we go to the good.

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Be a gentle, pure and powerful person

Warm yourself and light others

Wish everyone a happy Goddess’s Day!