“O-KAM” draws with you to save the spring!

The spring equinox, the spring gradually thickens.

The wind is gentle and the kite is flying.

The sun is warm and the years are long.

The vernal equinox refers to the 90 day spring equinox, which is divided into two halves. From then on, it enters the season of spring and sunshine, with thousands of red and green flowers competing for beauty.

The vernal equinox is a moderate and warm solar term, which divides time into two parts. Cold and warmth, residual branches and buds, snow and rain all reconcile, coexist, and alternate on this day. It seems that even the relationship between humans and animals has become gentle. This day is also a day of reconciliation between night and day, when everything in the world steps through the final snow to gradually enrich the field.

After the vernal equinox, the earth breaks the final silence and everything recovers! The young guards of VStarcam are full of spring and cannot be shut down. The camera images are viewed in real time, and the video is stored in the cloud.

While the weather is good and the flowers are blooming, install VStarcam cameras CB54, CG668, CG66Q-X18, BG69, and CG65-X5 around the house, in the parking lot, in the orchard, in the fishing pond, and in the breeding farm. Go into spring anytime, anywhere, and bump into it!

As one of the leading enterprises in the field of video and audio codec, video image processing, and data transmission/storage in China, and a supplier of core components and equipment in the field of intelligent security, VStarcam , with its outstanding technical research and development capabilities, carries a series of 2.7K high-definition 4G camera products suitable for homes, office buildings, construction sites, orchard farms, and fishing ponds, helping to provide suggestions for a harmonious society, Empowering the intelligent security industry with advanced video image processing technology.

Loyal, Timely, Brave, Stable

Farms and orchards are protected against theft, large construction sites are taken care of for safety, and hundreds of acres of fishing ponds are protected from falling into the water for fishing, as well as animals on the breeding grounds. Every place can be faithfully and impartially guarded. When detecting human figures, real-time alarms are provided to stop losses in a timely manner. 4G power supply network, solar power supply, and places with difficulty in pulling wires should be arranged as soon as possible. The installation of solar panels and cameras is simple, and there is also electricity in rainy days. Reliable!

The method of use is as follows:

Install a 4G card into the camera. A solar camera is fixed and powered on. Download “O-KAM” from the mobile app store. Log in and scan the QR code of the camera. Follow the operating instructions.

Simple and convenient, waterproof, stable and durable!