Eye4 Upgraded | Dual-Authorization

New version of App Eye4 is coming !

To enhance the security and privacy protection of users, the new Eye4 integrated the dual authentication mechanism of AES financial-grade encryption to ensure more effective, safer and more convenient use for users.

What is AES Financial Level Encryption? What is a dual-authentication mechanism?

The Definition of Dual-Authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification, is an authentication method that uses two different elements and merges together to confirm the identity of the user.,which is a special case of multiple factors authentication.

Simplely,there are at least two steps are required to verify the confirmation before passing.

The dual-authentication of the new App Eye4 is based on this method. The device will verifie the correctness of the device password firstly,then the verified the validity of the user information in sever after passing the first step. The device and App Eye4 backend server should pass the authentication before work.

Therefore,when the user accesses the device through the App Eye4,it should pass the verification of the information of the device and the background server, and both are correct and legal, then the service is provided. This is the two-factor authentication of App Eye4.

The performance of Dual-Authentication

  • Random&Plaintext password

There is a requirement on setting a unique password when adding devices on the old version of App Eye4,which is aim to prevent others from adding their own devices and to prevent hackers from stealing private information.

For the new version of App Eye4,Dual-Authentication fanction will be automatically enabled after the device is successfully added,in the meantime,it will occur randomly a very complex password as default,which not only prevent others from adding their own devices but also prevent hackers.The password is saved via  AES financial level encryption,that is,no one know the password including R&D team.

The password can be generated automatically via the system after adding Dual-Authentication fanction,which is more secure and solve the issues about forgetting password.

In addition,new version enable plaintext password so as to use the other ends like NVR/PC/WEB for user.Users can set their own plaintext password then used the devices via different ends,it is secure and convenient.

  • User limited

Passwords generated by AES financial-grade encryption can more accurately limit the addition of illegal users.The same device will be allowed to add only one primary user (the first user to bind the device) once dual authentication is enabled. The other users can add device and view videos via random QR code shared by primary user,but can not operate the device.

The process of device shared is very simple: System setting->Device sharing,then the mobile terminal and the back end will perform dual-authentication,a random QR code will be generated after confirmed. One OR code can only allowed to add one user, effective time is in 1 hour.

  • Deletion Verification

The system will perform the authentication and prompt the user to enter the password of Eye4 when the device is deleted.If the third party logs in, it will reuqire the third-party perform authorization. And the device will be deleted successfully after passed authorization.Deletion verification can effectively prevent the non-users from forcibly deleting the user equipment so as to avoid loss.

Proccess :

system setting->Delete->Confirm(Cancel/OK)->Security Verification(input correct password)->Finished deletion

With AES financial-grade encrption and two-factor authentication, it can effectively protect your privacy and prevent the storage from being deliberately destroyed or retained by the others.

Remark:When the added device is reset, the device will be restored and the dual-authentication will be also cancelled by default. The device will be deleted automatically from the original account after the device is re-added.


As a company engaged in the home security with designing and producing, VStarcam always take security of user as core mission and the basic responsibility.VStarcam will continue to improve its products and services to provide a better user experience for all users.

In the end,thanks for your all great support and trust,VStarcam is not the best but will be better through every efforts.