VStarcam IFA2019|Make a Bright Future via Technology

The high-profile annual event IFA2019 kicked off in Berlin yesterday (Friday, Sept. 6th, 2019). The IFA was “not seen, first heard.” As the prelude to the conference was opened, Huawei is the first to release a new chip, the Unicorn 990, which has been independently developed and implanted with 5G baseband. It has once become the focus of the conference, adding a touch of color to the atmosphere.

VStarcam ip camera

With the improvement of China’s comprehensive strength and the improvement of its international status, more and more outstanding enterprises like Huawei are taking into account the domestic market, they also focus on overseas markets and seeking new sales channels. Compared with Huawei, VStarcam is at the bottom of the ecological chain, but has always insisted on product innovation and optimized user experience in order to provide people with a healthy, comfortable and intelligent lifestyle.

VStarcam ip camera

At IFA exhibition, VStarcam released a new camera model C22S with human algorithm. Compared with the traditional surveillance camera, C22S has the biggest advantages of human detection, motion-tracking, human search and Cloud service. The camera with human algorithm has a very low false alarm rate. Once a suspicious person is detected within the monitoring range, the alarm message will be pushed to the mobile APP in real time, and the camera will continue to track the suspicious personnel and record their moving track.Cloud service make the camera easy to monitor 7days*24 hours via Cloud storage, storage is safe and efficient, even if the camera is damaged or stolen, the data is still is easy to capture criminals via monitoring evidence.

VStarcam ip camera

The new C24S features crying detection function, which is designed to detect crying sounds for 1-3 year old babies,feedback in real time to keep abreast of baby emotions. If used with other smart terminals, such as intelligent voice-activated music device, parents will receive the prompt on the mobile APP once camera detected baby crying, and then parents can wake up the intelligent voice-activated music device and play music via two-way voice feature.

In order to diversify products and make business global, VStarcam keep working on smart home industry and seeks greater opportunities of development. In the past two years, there have been many achievements, from smart sockets to snapshot smoke sensors displayed at IFA2019 and the smart whole house solutions launched in China , all show that VStarcam is determined to enter the smart home industry.

VStarcam ip camera

Snapshot smoke sensor model WM2 is integrated with add APP to remote control,user can control the brightness of the indicator light via App, the connection mode is Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi transmission, wireless receiving distance up to 50 Meter (according to the actual use environment), built-in 1.0 megapixel lens, when the device detects smoke abnormality,it will automatically take the photo and transfer to the mobile terminal so that user can grasp and handle the abnormality in time, but not any concentration of smoke will push alarm message ,the alarm will only be triggered when smoke concentration reaches to a certain threshold. The traditional smoke sensor is not only higher than the snapshot smoke sensor in the false alarm rate, but also limited by the location in the abnormal alarm. If you are not at home, can not get the first-hand alarm notification, which may easily lead to abnormal processing and property damage will be more serious.

Today is the second day of IFA2019 and the scene is still hot. Seeing the words is not as good as the live experience. If you are not able to visit on the site this year, hope that you will be able to experience the power of technology next year, to see how technology subverts your perception and how to change people’s lives.

VStarcam ip camera

IFA, MWC and CES are the top-three internationally renowned electronic exhibitions,they are the most important and popular shows to launch frontier technology product. Not only it is high-comprehensive, but it attracts the attention of international trade visitors from more than 100 countries each year. At the same time, IFA is also a meeting place for major retailer, excellent buyer,senior industry and mainstream media experts.

Founded in 2011, VStarcam started with video technology and spread across many other fields. Already achieved outstanding results in the fields of intelligent monitoring, smart home, intelligent whole house and sport DV after make efforts in many years. In the future,VStarcam will fully improve and launch more practical product solution that combines safety, comfort, intelligence and high quality to create a safer, smarter, more comfortable and warmer lifestyle for people.