INVITATION | Autumn Global Source Exhibition in HK  

Global Source Exhibition in the fall of 2019 will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in HK from October 11th to 14th. VStarcam will take part in the show as usual.

In 2019, the development theme of VStarcam was technology to change the way of life, AI makes home more safe and comfortable. In the show, VStarcam still focus on AI products, supplemented by traditional hot products, but unlike the exhibition in spring, The autumn show pays more attention to building scene applications and developing solutions.


At IFA2019, the combination of IP camera and Echo Show are favored by countless audiences.

Echo Show is the latest smart speaker from Amazon.Echo Show exist all features in Echo,but Echo Show integrated with display. Echo Show provide a whole new experience for users who favor speaker, and opens up new sales channels for IP camera that are used in conjunction with it.

VStarcam Security camera

Echo Show will immediately transfer the specified monitoring screen by simply sending a specific voice command to the Echo Show onced IP camera work successfully with Echo Show via Wi-Fi. For example: “Alexa, show me living room monitoring”, ‘already transferred to living room monitoring’, then living room monitoring will be called out, eliminating sliding step in phone or Ipad etc.., more humane and intelligent, especially when you are ready to fall asleep and the phone is not at the bedside, you can easily take care of your baby or pet by simply giving an instruction to the Echo Show.


In 2018, the domestic electricity consumption of the whole society is 684.9 billion kWh, which is about 170 million laps around the Earth. As the residential electricity consumption index rises year by year, the development of green energy and green products have become an unprecedented urgency. In order to achieve sustainable development, VStarcam launched an IP camera with solar energy as the power supply.For the reason is that one to solve the problem of power failure and non-work; Second, rational use of green energy to save electricity for residents; Third, broaden the scene scope of IP camera application like orchard, farm, border defense, forest, etc.

VStarcam Security camera

However, the use of solar power alone does not enable camera to serve a large outdoor scene such as orchard, farm, border defense, forest, etc., and the monitoring difficulty is particularly prominent without network coverage. In order to solve this issue, VStarcam integrates 4G SIM card and solar energy supply ,not only to solve the problem of no network monitoring, but also solve the problem of zero power supply via wire, cooperating with each other to easily realize the working mode of”no network and no power”, even the criminals cut off the circuit and network cable, the camera still works as usual.

The above two model will be unveiled at the HongKong Autumn Exhibition, In addition, there are also highlight products —— Face Recognition Camera. For details, please refer to here “Face Recognition technology makes life more secure and smart“.



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VStarcam Security camera

Since founded in 2011, VStarcam has participated in exceed 40 electronic exhibitions at home and abroad, with an average of 5 games per year. It has grown from a start-up company with more than 10 people to a national high-tech enterprise with 3 to 400 employees. Products and services are becoming more and more perfect, and it is expected to stand on the same front line as well-known top 100 companies in the near future.

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Address: AsiaWorld-Expo HongKong

Booth No.:Hall 2/2M18

Date: Oct.11th-14th,2019