VStarcam tell you how to choose an outdoor surveillance camera

outdoor surveillance camera

Nowadays, it can be said that surveillance cameras are becoming more and more popular in various outdoor environments, public places and other places. It not only protects our personal and property safety, but also brings more convenience to security personnel.

So how to choose an outdoor surveillance camera? Let’s take a look.

1. Pixel value

outdoor surveillance camera

Outdoor surveillance cameras generally have a relatively wide range of shooting, so if you want to see the picture in the distance more clearly, it is better to choose a higher pixel.

Under normal circumstances, the number of pixels of an ordinary camera up to 40W can already meet the basic shooting needs, and for high-definition cameras, 200W pixels can also meet the shooting needs in special environments.

2. Whether it is waterproof and dustproof

outdoor surveillance camera

Most of the outdoor surveillance cameras are installed outdoors, so choose waterproof and dustproof materials that can cope with various outdoor environments, so that they will be durable.

3. Audio reception

outdoor surveillance camera

It is best to choose an outdoor surveillance camera that can support remote pickup functions, so that you can view clear audio videos anytime and anywhere, which can also leave effective video recording information for accidents.

In fact, the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras is mainly to maintain public order and protect the safety of people in public places. Therefore, surveillance cameras are usually installed on fences, entrances and exits, passages on each floor, elevators, elevator entrances, public areas and other key locations.

outdoor surveillance camera

In this way, the safety work efficiency can be greatly improved, the situation of each area can be viewed remotely in real time and processed in time, and the safety of public property and personnel can be better protected.