VStarcom 4.0MP full HD WiFi cameras, give you a blockbuster-like experience

With the improvement of people’s living standards, family security has become more and more important. Therefore, it is very important to have a home WiFi camera that can prevent thieves and support real-time monitoring.

WiFi camera

VStarcam C26Q, 4.0MP full HD camera, rotating pan-tilt, wide-angle field of view, comprehensive monitoring, smarter and clearer, safer and more reliable.


Two-way PTZ / 4.0MP full HD

Two-way pan/tilt design, horizontal rotation angle up to 335°, vertical rotation angle up to 110°, flexible rotation up and down, left and right.

WiFi camera

4.0MP full HD lens, 2560×1440P video playback, capture more details, the overall picture quality is clearer, more delicate, and real, giving you a different comfortable experience for your eyes.


Night vision /Smooth picture

WiFi camera

High-efficiency infrared light, dual filters automatically switch day/night mode, can be seen clearly even without light.

The night vision distance can reach 10 meters, and the picture is still clearly visible in the dark night environment.

WiFi camera

Brand new technology, 5GHz WIFI, faster and more stable data transmission.Compared with 2.4GHz WiFi, the 5GHz WiFi band adopts 802.11ac technology, which has less interference and high speed. It saves space and is smoother while ensuring picture quality, giving you a comfortable HD video experience.


Humanoid detection /Motion Detection

WiFi camera

Combined with AI technology, it can effectively filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, shaking, pets, etc. When a humanoid movement is detected within the monitoring range, the message is immediately pushed to the mobile APP.

WiFi camera

When no one is at home, you can turn on the motion detection function. When the device detects a moving target, it will automatically send an alarm message to the mobile phone APP, allowing you to know the situation at home in time to prevent danger.


Two-way voice / Sound anomaly detection

WiFi camera

C26Q also supports two-way voice calls, with built-in high-power speakers and high-sensitivity microphones, allowing you to talk to your family through your mobile phone at any time. When danger occurs, you can also shout remotely to deter criminals.

If the device detects that the baby is crying or the smoke alarm is ringing, your mobile phone will also receive information notifications, allowing you to protect the safety of your family and house in time.

WiFi camera

VStarcam C26Q

4.0MP full HD WiFi camera

Big view of Yuntai, guarding your home.