How to choose web camera? What are the small details to pay attention to?

Nowadays, broadband networks have been generally popularized, video and voice chat has gradually become a trend, and web cameras have entered our lives.

The web camera not only serves as our video tool, but also plays a role in monitoring security.

We all know that when choosing a web camera, we should choose smart, detectable, alarm, and dialogue… But there are still some small details that will be overlooked. Today we will talk about these issues.

1.The choice of resolution

Many people think that the higher the resolution, the better. In fact, it is not. The resolution is also related to the network transmission speed. The smart web cameras on the market are generally around 2 million. It is no problem to run with 2.4G WiFi, but If you go to 4 million resolution, you need a faster network transmission speed to run. The 4 million resolution camera is best to be used with a 5GHZ network, otherwise, the picture will be stuck and delayed.Therefore, when choosing a web camera, don’t blindly choose a high-resolution web camera. You should make a choice based on network support.

2.Selection of lens material

Nowadays, web camera lenses are made of glass and plastic. Plastic lenses are very cheap, but the imaging effect is obviously inferior to glass. Higher-quality cameras all use 4-layer glass cameras (4G for short). The quality, price, and imaging effects of 4G glass lenses differ greatly. How should I distinguish them? To put it simply, it can be identified by the amount of light passing through the glass lens. The more light that the lens passes through the lens at the same time, the more saturated the imaging color, the better the lens, so when choosing a lens, the better the light flux is.

In general, when buying a web camera, you should pay more attention to some points that are easy to overlook, and choose the right web camera according to your own needs.