New upgrade! Power failure monitoring, more secure

In recent years, with the popularity of security surveillance, many people choose to install surveillance cameras in their homes or shops.But the thieves are not stupid, they will unplug the plug during the crime, so that the home surveillance will not work.

So, today I will give you a look at our new product-CS24B, which can last for a long time even if the power is cut off, and will not give thieves a chance to do bad things.

Indoor smart network camera

VStarcam CS24B

Indoor smart network camera

Power off and continue to guard

Comprehensive monitoring

Smart upgrade, double safety

 Indoor smart network camera

  • Two-way PTZ, more flexible

Flexible rotation, horizontal rotation of 345°, vertical rotation of 84°, up and down, left and right, where you want to see~

  • 2 million HD lens, clearer

The 2 million full HD lens presents more details, and the overall picture quality is clearer, more delicate and true.

Indoor smart network camera

Built-in 2500mAh battery, in case of sudden power failure or malicious power failure,it can still continue to work, giving you 24H protection~

  • Infrared night vision, not afraid of the dark night

Efficient infrared light, dual filters automatically switch day/night mode, it is still clearly visible in the dark night environment~

Indoor smart network camera

  • Humanoid detection, reducing false alarms, real-time alarm

Combined with AI technology, it can effectively filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, shaking, pets, etc., and when a humanoid movement is detected within the monitoring range, the message is immediately pushed to the mobile APP.

  • Humanoid framing + tracking, double safety

When the camera detects the human figure, it will frame the display, and the gimbal will also change with the change of the human figure position, tracking the human figure position in real time, giving you an intelligent guard~

Indoor smart network camera

  • Two-way voice

CS24B also supports two-way voice calls, with built-in high-power speakers and high-sensitivity microphones, so you can talk to your family at any time through your mobile phone.

  • Sound abnormality detection, more intimate

If the device detects that the baby is crying or the smoke alarm is ringing, your mobile phone will also receive information notifications, allowing you to protect the safety of your family and house in time.


VStarcam CS24B

Indoor smart network camera

Continue monitoring after power failure, 24H to guard the family.