10 Reasons to choose VStarcam Smart Security Camera

1.The machine is small, simple and beautiful.

2.PTZ design, super wide angle, most of VStarcam’s indoor smart cameras are designed with PTZ, the monitoring range is wider and more comprehensive.

3.The lens is upgraded, high-definition picture quality, and the video picture is clearer. With infrared night vision function, you can see clearly even at night.

smart security camera

4.Built-in high-power speaker and high-sensitivity microphone, two-way voice real-time intercom, the sound quality is clear and not stuck, so you can talk through your mobile phone at any time.When dangers occur, you can also shout remotely to deter criminals.

5.Sound abnormality detection. If the device detects that the baby is crying or the smoke alarm is ringing, your mobile phone will also receive an information notification, allowing you to protect the safety of your family and house in time.

smart security camera

6.Support humanoid detection, motion detection and other functions. When danger is detected, it will send an alarm to the APP in time.

7.The mobile phone APP remotely, view monitoring anytime and anywhere.

8.Support TF card storage, smart cloud storage, which can save, record and play back videos conveniently and quickly.

smart security camera

9.At the same time, it also supports remote viewing and monitoring of various terminal devices such as Android, PC, IPAD, IPhone, so that you can be aware of abnormal situations in time and prevent danger.

10.The operation is simple, the user only needs to plug in the power source, download the app, and connect it to use, which is very simple.