4G monitoring, can be used without WiFi!

In recent years, we have often seen news such as “fish ponds stolen”, “fish ponds poisoned”, “thief in the orchard”, and “farm destroyed”. Not only did they suffer heavy losses, they did not have any clues, and it was difficult to solve the case by the police.

The security issues of farms, orchards, construction sites, fish ponds and other places really need to be paid attention to, otherwise the results of hard work will be easily damaged.

4G outdoor camera

It used to be inconvenient to connect to the Internet, and it was difficult to install cameras in places such as orchards. But now it’s different. There are surveillance cameras on the market that can plug in 4G cards, which can be used even in remote areas where wiring and networking are difficult.

VStarcam CG52, a 4G outdoor camera, can monitor without network cable and WiFi. Support full-color night vision, humanoid detection, sound and light alarm, IP66 waterproof and dustproof functions, more intelligent and practical.

4G outdoor camera

  • 4G remote

Say goodbye to the climbing cloth network cable, say goodbye to the difficulty of connecting to WiFi outdoors, SIM card plug and play, support 4G network access, full speed high frequency, stable signal, and can monitor without a network.

  • Smart full color

Once a moving object is scanned at night, it will automatically switch to full-color mode and the video will be clearer.

  • Sound and light alarm

Humanoid detection is intelligently upgraded to reduce false alarms caused by common mosquitoes and tree shaking, and improve the accuracy of alarms.When a human figure moves in the monitoring area, an alarm message will be immediately sent to the mobile phone, and a high-decibel horn will be sounded and the red and blue warning lights will flash to deter criminals.

  • Data cloud storage, convenient and safe

The most important thing is that it has a cloud storage function, even if the camera and memory card are destroyed, you can still view and playback videos from the cloud at any time.When danger occurs, you can replay the situation from the video to provide more convincing evidence!

4G outdoor camera

VStarcam CG52, acousto-optic alarm outdoor camera, 4G remote, farewell to the troubles of no internet, suitable for farms, orchards, construction sites, fish ponds, reservoirs and other scenes, all-weather care, more rest assured.