VStarcam, hurry up and “arm” your home

For the meaning of “home”, everyone has different ideas, but for the safety of home, this is the same for everyone.Therefore, for family safety and family safety, we must “arm” the home.

Whether it’s work, business or travel, once the home is left unattended, the potential crisis will naturally follow, and home video cameras will come in handy at this time.

Ultra-low power consumption network mini camera CB73, built-in battery, long-term standby, PIR human body infrared sensor, APP real-time alarm,  guard your home for 24 hours.

  • Small body, Free placement

It is not only small in size, but also very convenient to install. It is more stable and firm when used with 360° magnetic bracket and strong double-sided tape; you can install it directly opposite the door, or you can install it near the window to prevent danger.

  • HD lens, Infrared night vision

2 million high-definition lens, stable and clear picture, 78.4°wide-angle, omni-directional detection, enhanced infrared night vision, and protect home safety.

  • Built-in battery, Long-term standby

Low power consumption technology + intelligent battery management, dual protection, continuous monitoring of power failure, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, can achieve long standby in an infrequent wake-up environment.

  • PIR alarm,Remote pickup

PIR human infrared sensor, once the human body’s infrared radiation is sensed, real-time alarm information will be sent to the mobile phone APP; built-in high-performance audio processor can pick up sound from a long distance, record sound , provide more convincing evidence for family safety!

  • Wireless connection, AP hotspot

Save the cumbersome traditional wiring, after the camera is connected to the wireless WIFI and bound to the mobile phone, you can remotely monitor it on the mobile phone; in addition, if there is no network, you don’t have to worry, because the mobile phone can also be directly connected to the camera attached AP hotspots realize real-time monitoring of mobile phones and playback videos.

Ultra-low power consumption network mini camera CB73, small size, great ability, mini and lightweight, fully guarded, your home security little bodyguard.