This red and blue warning light is too strong! Thought the police came

VStarcam CS52 Sound and light alarm WiFi cameraRed and blue warning lights, high-decibel whistle alarm, Intelligent full color, day and night HD.

alarm WiFi camera

  • HD image quality

2 million high-definition lenses, the maximum resolution supports 3 million, the resolution can be set to 2304×1296P full HD during monitoring.

  • Smart full color

At night, when there is an abnormality in the monitoring area, it will automatically switch to full-color mode, and the night will still be “colorful”.

  • Two-way talk

Dual-voice real-time intercom, built-in high-power speakers and high-sensitivity microphones, allowing you to talk through your mobile phone at any time. When danger occurs, you can also shout remotely to deter criminals.

  • Human detection

Intelligent humanoid detection, protect your property safety. Combined with Al technology, it can effectively filter invalid alarms caused by curtain swings, light changes, shaking, pets, etc., and when there is a humanoid movement within the monitoring range, the message is immediately pushed to the mobile phone.

alarm WiFi camera

  • Sound and light alarm

When a suspicious moving object is detected, the device will automatically turn on the red and blue lights to flash and send out a high-decibel alarm to drive away, deter bad people, prevent danger, and push the alarm information to the mobile APP.

  • Weatherproof

IP66 waterproof level, easy to cope with outdoor environment, not afraid of wind and rain, easy to cope with severe weather such as strong wind and blizzard.

  • Mobile remote monitoring

The mobile phone APP can remotely view and monitor anytime, anywhere. It also supports remote viewing and monitoring of various terminal devices such as Android, PC, IPAD, IPhone, etc., so that you can be aware of abnormal conditions in time and prevent danger.

  • Cloud Storage

Support conventional TF card storage, smart cloud storage, can save and replay quickly and conveniently, and enable multi-authentication to protect your privacy.

alarm WiFi camera

VStarcam CS52 Sound and light alarm WiFi cameraRed and blue warning lights, Sound and light alarm.A variety of scenes, always guard.