What is the difference between smart cameras and ordinary cameras?

First of all, we have to understand the difference between smart cameras and ordinary cameras. Generally speaking, ordinary cameras are used to record videos, network video chats, etc., with a single function.The functions of smart cameras are more intelligent, diversified, and are suitable for more scenarios, such as smart security monitoring, remote monitoring, and smart home care. Therefore, the purpose of smart cameras and ordinary cameras are different, and the suitable scenes are also different.

smart camera

Secondly, the functional configuration of smart cameras and ordinary cameras is also different. Smart cameras have higher resolution than ordinary cameras because of its intelligent functions such as human form detection, face recognition, and infrared night vision.

And some smart cameras can open a variety of smart functions for security needs, so smart cameras must be more than ordinary cameras in configuration.

smart camera

Finally, because of its security requirements, smart cameras can be connected to the mobile phone for remote control, real-time monitoring, two-way conversation, and some detection and alarm functions are set. When the smart camera detects an abnormality, the mobile phone can also receive information remind. Compared with ordinary cameras, smart cameras have a better user experience and are easier to meet the diverse needs of the public.