2021 Anbo | Vstarcam brings many explosive intelligent surveillance cameras to meet you!

From December 26 to December 29, 2021, the 18th China International Public Security Expo CPSE (hereinafter referred to as the “Expo”) was grandly held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. The booth number of Weishi Dakang: Hall 6 6b26. With the theme of “let the world see you”, this Expo attracted more than 300000 professionals from more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

At the end of 2021, COVID-19 will rebound, and the global smart security industry will be restructured in the process of adjustment. In the future, it will still face many variables. Wei TAC is still adhering to the business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity and win-win”. We must adhere to the principle of “taking user value as the guide” and strive to meet challenges with hard work and perseverance. With a number of forward-looking products related to “social and public security” – intelligent network camera, it made a wonderful appearance in the Expo, which has been highly concerned by people in the industry.

        With the advent of 5g era, AI technology has gradually matured, and intelligent security has become one of the important ways to protect social security. With video as the core technology, weishidakang has integrated R & D, production, sales and service, focusing on intelligent security products for more than ten years, covering the fields of family security, intelligent stores, intelligent transportation and so on, and comprehensively guarding social stability and harmony. Thanks to the loyal protection of intelligent network cameras, people’s happiness index has also been greatly improved!

Happiness maker = eye4 app + n intelligent surveillance cameras

        Due to scientific and technological changes and industrial transformation, the security of each community, family and individual, as well as the security of the whole society, has already undergone great changes with the digital wave. After more than ten years of continuous research and in-depth tracking, as judged by vstarcam, security intelligence is constantly deepening in various industries. The vstarcam intelligent network camera under the new mode should have higher agility, ease of use, real-time and intelligent ability, and become what a guard should be! Let’s make friends with time!

Medical treatment, finance, transportation, shops, residential areas and other places need to install intelligent network cameras. For example, in the current epidemic situation, intelligent network cameras contact with residents in their jurisdiction, conduct man-machine dialogue, and pay close attention to people’s safety, which not only improves work efficiency, but also avoids the risk of cross infection between information collectors and residents. Greatly improve the safety factor, indirectly improve the operation efficiency and quality of life, and invisibly save the labor cost. For another example, with the acceleration of urbanization, a large number of young people from foreign rural villages and towns flow into the city, resulting in the phenomenon of many empty nesters and left behind children in rural areas, which requires the family protection of intelligent surveillance cameras, chat with relatives thousands of miles away for 365 days through eye4 remote video monitoring software, pay real-time attention to the lives of the elderly and children, and play back videos anytime and anywhere, Video data encryption can’t be broken or torn. It’s beautiful enough to meet people’s deep feelings of leaving home.

           The digital and intelligent scenes of the security industry continue to expand and extend, and people’s needs are also evolving. High definition visual, remote controllable, two-way talkable, real-time alarm and other labels are gradually moving to the field of intelligent surveillance camera. Weishidakang applies mature intelligent surveillance camera and scene application solutions to many industries and sells them to China, Europe, America, Central Asia More than 100 countries and regions such as Africa have demonstrated their strong adaptability on the competitive stage at home and abroad. At the Expo, Weishi Dakang also showed a complete solution product of 5MP ultra-high definition real-time care, zoom in and out from 1 to 30 times, high-definition image quality, security IPC + NVR, with high-quality image processing and coding performance, support human movement detection, realize data security, flexibility, reliability and common empowerment, and promote the rapid development of industrial intelligence.

          From the products unveiled at the Expo, when making consumer security electronic products, weishidakang, who was born in security, pays more attention to the application and expression of cutting-edge technologies. The biggest highlight is that it creatively creates eye4 intelligent remote video software of “cloud storage + multi terminal viewing + real-time alarm”, which can be operated by users through simple connection, Without technical background, it can also realize remote two-way voice intercom, real-time human shape detection and alarm, and effectively protect people’s life and property safety, which is mainly reflected in the following three levels.

The first is the intelligent network camera hardware. As the first carrier to reach users, vstarcam intelligent camera brings many surprises to users in terms of security and functional diversity with its excellent R & D advantages. As a cost-effective star product in the vstarcam intelligent monitoring product array, the low-power battery camera presented in this exhibition uses core technologies such as video and audio codec, video image processing, video and audio data cloud storage, P2P data transmission, and dozens of patented technologies such as cloud computing and big data to perfectly integrate sound and picture into the product, Bring users a very convenient technology experience. Based on sustainable development, portable 4G battery camera (optional solar charging and customizable high-capacity battery) has pushed the technical development of the security industry to a new peak.

         The second is the cloud storage capacity. Whether it is indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras or visual intercom doorbells, due to the extension of technology, the cloud has the ability to interconnect data and iterate functions on the basis of hardware. Users can easily expand the use of new functions and realize cloud intelligence through firmware upgrade without replacing old devices. According to the on-site understanding of the Expo, at present, all intelligent hardware of vstarcam brand have realized equipment and cloud interoperability.

The third is the comprehensive application ability of vstarcam for various partners. Eye4, as the core of vstarcam ecology, has built a remote video monitoring application platform. Combined with the comprehensive ability of various components of the platform and AI, it is transmitted to the four major products of partners: intelligent hardware equipment, cloud platform, app and PC, so that partners can quickly realize the construction of their own ecology with the help of eye4. Through personal and in-depth experience, the participants deeply felt that “black technology” has not only existed in the concept, but also AI intelligence has penetrated into all aspects of work and life in modern society. As an AI driven original technology service provider, Weishi Dakang technology is focusing on artificial intelligence from knowing you, understanding you to real AI you!

In the future, Weishi Dakang will continue to cultivate the intelligent security industry, give full play to its unique advantages in the field of modern safe cities, protect social security, and contribute to building a safer, convenient and beautiful “smart” city!