The most beautiful tenderness of the earth – afforestation

The weather seems to be brighter recently

The temperature is pleasant, the wind is gentle, and the sun is just right


Get out and move your muscles

Bring a mask, sanitizer, bucket,

A shovel, a sapling and my beloved 4G smart camera

by the tree planting season

Let’s go to Shamori to protect the earth!

In fact, it is not just the annual 3.12

As long as the season is suitable for planting trees

for example

tree planting day, tree planting week, tree planting season

People will try their best to go to Chamory

Plant a variety of trees, plant a good tree, manage a tree well

Especially in the beginning of spring and summer

Several new saplings have been added to the park

And the wooden frame supports

Mobile phone to open the video management system

playback video

5 million high-definition pictures

Digging, backfilling, supporting seedlings and cultivating soil

tread, water, plant trees

The process is fully recorded by the camera

Full of sense of achievement

Smart cameras quietly accompany small saplings

Strong after moving

spring rain baptism

summer test

The nourishment of autumn dew

Pest control in winter snow

week after week

until it becomes a towering tree

growing up like a little boy

Accept the vicissitudes of time

Young and comfortable

The tenderness of afforestation

Plant every desert on earth, dry land

and any corner where a tree needs to be planted

Trees are planted year after year, and trees are formed into forests from generation to generation

Plant hope and grow together

The epidemic is raging now

May you all protect yourself and your family

              Adhere to good living habits such as frequent hand washing, frequent cleaning, and use of public chopsticks; do a good job of self-health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell, etc., go to the nearest doctor immediately, and wear a mask throughout the journey to avoid Take public transport.