Voice in advance, less loss — intelligent high-definition voice camera

In recent years, people can clearly perceive that thieves and guerrillas and security guards “sound and fight with real people”, or bad guys incarnate plumbing/electricians, takeaways, and repeatedly change their faces and jump left and right, making people play “situation to the sky” “The news is being exposed more and more. Can’t help thinking, what caused the rampant thieves now? Take a smart AI face recognition camera and try it, it will definitely make you realize its necessity.
Vistar recently launched a series of intelligent AI alarm cameras, which not only have face recognition, red and blue flashing alarms, but also voice alerts, full color day and night, intelligent humanoid motion detection, etc. .
Not long ago, the AF81 face recognition camera newly added to the smart camera family, face video screening, quickly retrieves faces from the cloud storage video, and can query the video records corresponding to the specified face, saving video search time, Accurately recognize faces, distinguish family members or strangers, and push messages to mobile APPs in real time to increase interaction opportunities.

In addition, Vistarcom has also launched a series of intelligent full-color alarm cameras with dual fill light, which can be flexibly used in changing and complex environments, Mobile phone remote control, real-time tracking,allowing more users to enjoy AI intelligence.
The full-color intelligent detection camera inherits the humanoid detection function of the deep learning algorithm of the hardware  AI family. Relying on the AI ​​algorithm and hardware, it can distinguish the detection personnel and reduce the interference of false alarms. The clear and bright image effect is more helpful to improve the recognition accuracy of the camera and prevent problems before they occur.
An audible and strobe light alerts when someone passes by the plotted area. The camera has built-in multiple commonly used voices, and the EYE4 app can also be used to record personalized reminder content, which is suitable for diverse needs.
Small-scale close-up scenes: use camera voice or record personalized voice content (water depth by river/high danger/private residence), suitable for all kinds of perimeters, residential villas, construction sites, factories, supermarkets, fish ponds and reservoirs and other ambient light Weak and high-risk prohibited areas can quickly locate and deal with emergencies in the event of an emergency.
Large-scale long-distance scenes: voice reminders for uncivilized environments such as smart communities and parking lots, external high-power speakers and red and blue flashing lights, real-time voice intercom, when remote alarm reminders are received, you can immediately shout to the scene, Enhance the deterrent effect (construction site/night operation site) to prevent losses.

White light + infrared dual control, the same color at night. The intelligent full-color PTZ camera adds a high-power white light, and two modes of infrared and white light are optional. The camera can automatically adjust the brightness of the fill light by default according to the illumination of the surrounding environment, and flexibly respond to complex installation environments. Infrared fill light, showing black and white high-definition picture, APP configure fill light mode, enter the camera’s setting interface, click on “Night Vision Mode”, and check the relevant mode.

Remote voice real-time intercom, the scene is clear at a glance. When more and more users choose monitoring, they want the monitoring picture and sound to be recorded synchronously. To avoid disputes, monitoring without sound may lead to loss of key information, lack of clues, and inability to fully understand the situation at the scene. The sound and picture are recorded together. Better restore and monitor on-site conditions.

Smart PTZ cameras are being sold on major e-commerce platforms. Hurry up and get your housekeeping artifact, let it guard your house in front of and behind your house, speak up in advance, less loss, and affordable price. Welcome to the official mall to order .