How to choose the right and high-quality smart camera?

Smart surveillance cameras, in addition to helping nurses and chatting remotely

How much do you know?

With the development of technology, smart cameras gradually enter the home

Vstarcam Smart IP Camera

No complicated wiring and setup required

Download APP, wifi or 4G internet connection, super easy

In addition to daily housekeeping, it is also used to watch pets, children and the elderly

Bring convenience to family life, more and more favored by families

█ Store and housekeeping

When there is no one in the store or at home

Check the situation at home in real time through the mobile APP.

After the motion detection function is turned on

When someone moves within the range

it will push the alarm information to the mobile phone

Send voice warnings in time to reduce losses

█ look at pets

business trip days

What does a cute cat do at home alone?

Have you been naughty?

A smart HD camera

View anytime, anywhere

█ look after the children

Sometimes parents go out to run errands

kids at home

Smart cameras solve your worries

Remote view anytime, anywhere

You can also chat with children by voice intercom

as a home user

Smart cameras are mainly used for

Home security, babysitting, caring for the elderly and viewing pets

Therefore, the monitoring screen must be clear.

Vstarcam smart camera C22Q, 5 million high-definition pixels

Two-way voice chat, showing you high-quality high-definition pictures

Smart cameras have certain requirements for stability

No crash, no disconnection, no picture distortion, no video freeze

This is the most basic and must-have for voice smart cameras

A stable product means a pleasant experience

So try to choose a guaranteed brand, and feel more assured when using it

Infrared night vision

Ordinary cameras become “blind” at night

The Vstarcam smart camera has infrared night vision function

and intelligent full-color night vision

Even in the dark night, it can clearly take care of the family.

Nursing Vision
When many users buy smart PTZ cameras

Ignore the importance of nursing vision

as a home monitoring device

The larger shooting range can effectively reduce the monitoring dead angle

Full range of care

Two-way PTZ rotation for smart cameras

Large wide-angle field of view, the scene is clear at a glance

Humanoid motion detection
As a home security product

Vstarcam smart camera has human motion detection function

after it is turned on

If someone moves in the care area

Camera automatically frames and alerts

and send the alarm information to the mobile phone in real time

For those who travel frequently

This is a very useful feature

These are the factors to consider when buying a smart camera

​vstarcam smart surveillance cameras take the smart community as the foothold

Create a safe, convenient and smart life for everyone

A suitable and good quality home smart camera

Did you choose the right one?

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