First decryption! | VStarcam CPSE Expo New Product Reveals!

VStarcam, founded in 2011, is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and services with video as its core technology. It possesses core technologies such as audio and video encoding and decoding, video image processing, audio and video data storage, P2P data transmission, as well as dozens of patented technologies such as cloud computing and big data. Its products cover related fields such as home security and smart stores, It is a leading research and development manufacturer in the domestic civil security monitoring industry. VStarcam is committed to video security technology, intelligent IoT technology, and cloud platform services, providing comprehensive video security product solutions for over 190 countries and regions worldwide.

VStarcam has confirmed its participation in the 19th CPSE Safety Expo 2023 (booth number: Hall 1, 1A21), and will soon showcase intelligent audio and video products such as black light full color cameras, fireworks recognition cameras, parking surveillance cameras, binocular zoom low-power cameras, gun ball linkage cameras, and optical zoom cameras. Welcome to visit by scanning the QR code at the end of the article.

In the rapidly developing technology field today, VStarcam has always been committed to providing users with high-quality security products and solutions. In 2023, VStarcam launched a series of amazing new products and solutions, including black light full color cameras, fireworks recognition cameras, parking surveillance cameras, binocular zoom low-power cameras, gun ball linkage cameras, and optical zoom cameras. Next, we will provide a detailed introduction to the main features and application areas of the new product.

Black light full color camera

The black light full color cameras CS611Q-UV and CS58Q-UV are one of the important achievements developed by VStarcam in 2023. They maintain full color and detailed images in dark environments, enabling monitoring equipment to shine in different lighting environments, suitable for night patrols, night view observation, and other dark scenes.

Fireworks recognition camera

Fireworks recognition cameras FG663DR, FG882, and FG510 are new products developed by VStarcam for fire safety. Previous monitoring products focused on safety monitoring, while VStarcam pyrotechnic recognition cameras can accurately identify flames and smoke in real time, timely alarm and take emergency measures, effectively reducing the occurrence and spread of fires. This product is widely used in high-risk areas such as warehouses and factories, providing users with higher safety guarantees.

Parking safety camera

The parking safety camera CB75P is an important application in the new VStarcam solution. As the number of vehicles continues to increase, parking safety has become an important factor for car owners to consider. CB75P remotely and accurately monitors vehicle parking conditions, making car owners more at ease.

4G waterproof low-power camera

VStarcam 4G waterproof low-power cameras BG67D, BG55, BG66DR effectively solve multiple problems such as rainwater, moisture, and difficult wiring. They are powered by solar energy and batteries, with ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. They are easy to use with a 4G card inserted, and IP66 waterproof. They can maintain excellent performance and stability in harsh weather conditions, and are widely used in the field of outdoor public safety.

4G optical zoom camera

The 4G optical zoom camera is an important innovation in VStarcam’s new products. Traditional cameras often cannot effectively capture details during long-distance monitoring, while VStarcam CG611Q-X5 and CG66Q-X18P cameras use high-performance zoom lenses and 4G data transmission technology to achieve long-distance zoom and high-definition image transmission of targets, observe and analyze distant targets more accurately, and play a greater role in security work.

Gun ball linkage camera

The gun ball linkage cameras CS663DR, C992DR, and C662DR are another highlight in the new VStarcam products. Two independent lenses work together to provide a broader and more comprehensive perspective, suitable for large parking lots, shopping malls, orchards, fishing ponds, and other scenes, providing users with more comprehensive and detailed care services.

In summary, the new products and solutions developed by VStarcam in 2023 have significant significance and huge market potential in the field of security, bringing users more advanced, efficient, and secure solutions. VStarcam will continue to uphold the principles of technological innovation and customer first, and fully promote the further development of the security industry.